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Our Philosophy:
When we receive a referral for in-home services, we first complete an intake and if a functional behavioral assessment has not been done recently, we will conduct one. Our philosophy is that the parents are the experts on their children. We strive to work within the family system to find the skills that work for this particular child and how we can bring those strengths into the areas that are challenging for the child or family.  By listening to the parent's needs and abilities and listening to what the child has to say, we work to create a plan that every member of the team, including the Family Focus staff, is engaged with and excited about utilizing.  Our goal is to provide a plan that is manageable and effective. We are flexible with our approach since what works with one family may not be helpful to another family.

We use a partnership approach as to not alienate parents or dismiss their ideas.   We work hard to teach caregivers how to avoid power struggles and how to de-escalate situations before they erupt. We don't attempt to undermine parent's skills, but sometimes it is difficult to avoid certain pitfalls that can create a larger problem and we try to point them out.  By forming a partnership with parents we can typically give feedback that is well received.    

It is our belief that providing services in the home, rather than in an artificial office setting, allows the team the greatest opportunity to see the family’s strengths and struggles. With this knowledge, we can work to promote positive changes using a wraparound model when appropriate. In our experience, families typically experience multiple problems, some of which are chronic in nature, and the in home team can focus specifically on addressing those issues most related to ongoing stabilization services.

Services Offered:

Family and Community Support Program: Specialists work with children and families in either their homes or schools providing behavior management and modification. We collaborate with the treatment team in developing appropriate behavior plans and provide crisis intervention, conflict resolution and teaching problem solving skills. To best meet family needs and schedules, Family Support Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When working in the school, we carry out the goals and objectives that are written in the individualized education plan. While the teacher is the primary person in charge of developing the plan, our role is to coordinate with the teacher and family and provide specific information as to how the plan is working or not. We become strong advocates for our students and develop good working relationships.

Individual, Family and Couples Counseling
: Master’s level clinicians will work with your family to create positive changes. Our staff work with individuals, couples, children  and families in areas such as anxiety, depression, life adjustments and relationships. Sliding scale is available upon need.

Positive Behavior Support Plan
: If a client is in need of an updated plan, our Master’s Level Clinicians can provide a positive behavior support plan as well as a functional behavior assessment. This is an in depth assessment that requires many hours of observation in multiple environments and interview with the family regarding strengths and concerns.